The Story

Lovin’ Oven Corporation is a crowdfunded, IRS recognized 501(c)3, not-for-profit entity whose sole purpose is to share bread with others.  Its first project will be Burning Knead, a food truck outfitted for bread baking.  Lovin’ Oven will crowdsource the costs to operate the vehicle for storage, required fuels, insurances, kitchen supplies and ingredients with the initial goal of having 100 bakes over a two-year period.  One hundred bakes will result in the sharing of bread with approximately 100,000 people.  Funds and the vehicle will be used solely to bake flatbread for gifting or to otherwise fundraise for Lovin’ Oven operations. 

Cooking and gifting will include all people on both sides of the counter, from all walks of life, because the act of gifting and receiving gifts is not limited to just the haves and have nots.  The goodness of giving or receiving is applicable to everyone.  It has lasting positive effects that we hope will create goodness-ripples and warm conversations throughout communities.  We intend to create an environment where certain positive principles can be communicated, shared, and deployed both on the baking and gifting sides.

Imagine a colorfully decorated, unique-in-appearance food truck (art car) emblazoned with the Burning Knead name, espousing (thru art and text) 10 Principles, fitted up with a state-licensed kitchen with space for 6 to work, full of proofing (final rise) flatbread and a refrigerator full of unique toppings, parked at a shelter, a construction site, the beach, an office building or a festival, with welcoming music, its side open for the public to see the volunteers and the ovens in operation, with fans blowing the enticing odoriferous exhaust, with a line of people waiting excitedly and curiously for their opportunity to receive an unsolicited gift of freshly prepared bread. All the while, volunteers share why it’s important to give while patrons talk about the unique experience of receiving an unsolicited gift.

The Tenets

Lovin’ Oven Corporation

The Burning Knead Project

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a recognized IRS 501(c)3

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